Logan View Junior High Football

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Junior high football camp will be August 1-5 from 6:00-8:00 p.m.   All Logan View students planning on playing junior high football are encouraged to attend.


Sept 8          Wisner-Pilger                @ Wisner
Sept 15       North Bend                  @ Logan View
Sept 20        Tekamah-Herman         @ Tekamah
Sept 27        Arlington                        @ Arlington
Oct 4           Raymond Central         @ Logan View
Oct 11         Fort Calhoun                @ Logan View

Logan View JH Football is coached by Jason Polk and Bill Booth

The primary purpose of this letter is to acquaint you with the rules and expectations of the LV Junior High Football Program. In the event that there is something in this letter you do not understand, please bring it to my attention as soon as possible.
The process of athletics is very important, not just the end result of winning or losing. We will do everything possible to win, but the character traits derived from athletics in a good program in which a man can carry on throughout his adult life are the most important aspect of the program. I truly feel that athletics and the competition in athletics is the greatest learning tool we can give a young person. It teaches you to never quit, give up, or give in. You experience failure and learn to accept that failure and learn from it. It teaches you to face adversity and learn to overcome it. It teaches you to work together with many different groups of people to achieve a common cause.

  1. Physical Examination report
  2. Signed NSAA Parental Permission form
  3. Signed Signature Page from this letter
Junior High sports at Logan View are part of the Physical Education curriculum.  Participants receive a PE grade for the sports they participate in.  The areas used to evaluate their performance and assign a grade are:  Attendance, Effort & Participation, and Eligibility.  The rubric used is attached.

Contact: Jason Polk